Effective Communication Strategies

Lesson Overview

Effective Communications Strategies will raise awareness and sensitivity around the impact our words can have on each other, and on the overall work environment.

  • Discuss why effective communication is important.
  • Identify the qualities of effective communication.
  • Discuss the role active listening plays in communication.
  • Explain the value of empathetic listening and responses.
  • Identify strategies for handling difficult situations and people.

  • Why is effective communication so important?
  • What do great communicators do differently?
  • The importance of practicing active & empathetic listening
  • Overcoming communication challenges through effective communication skills, emotional intelligence, and listening

120 minutes |

  • Introduction
  • Introduction and Why sample
  • Qualities
  • Questions about qualities
  • Connect on an individual level sample
  • They speak with the intent to engage others
  • Great communicators watch and respond to body language
  • They simplify the complex and do not use jargon
  • Communicate with brevity and explain why
  • Explain the WIIFM
  • Qualities Quote
  • Listening
  • Great Communication Starts with ... sample
  • Helpful Hint
  • Practicing Active Listening
  • Phrases to Demonstrate Active and Empathetic Listening and Responses
  • Active & Empathetic Listening Model
  • Active & Empathetic Listening Model Steps Explained
  • Strategies
  • How do you handle a challenging person?
  • Tools and Approaches
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed