1 on 1 Talent Strategy Workshop

YOU - a deeper self-awareness of your leadership strengths, potential blind spots, and areas of synergy and conflict within your team
YOU + TEAM - an understanding of your team’s makeup, including their strengths, potential blind spots, gaps, and trouble areas
YOU + TEAM + WORK - the ability to see yourself, your team, and your strategy in one centralized place to identify strengths, alignment, and any gaps

Deliverables and Next Steps

After the session you will receive a presentation deck to show your team highlighting your unique Work Styles Framework™. Your team will each receive their own PI Behavioral Assessment™. You will get an outline of specific next steps you could take to improve your team’s ability to execute on your strategic objectives.

Homework - have your key team members take the 6-minute behavioral assessment

Schedule a 90-minute virtual session.

Completion rules
  • All units must be completed